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Updated (15/03/2018): My reaction to the critical report into grooming

Updates: 15/03/2018 Warwickshire police to create awareness, as part of CSE awareness week Throughout this week, Warwickshire Police, Barnardo’s and Warwickshire County Council have been raising awareness of child sexual exploitation (CSE): Link Sexual exploitation happens to boys and girls 15/03/2018 A government petition to call for a public inquiry has been created online and … Continued

Listening to music when coding

Very brief history My very first experience of computers and coding was at the age of 12. I tried desperately to create my first homepage after getting online. I would upload my content to angelfire.com, in fact I still have the account http://www.angelfire.com/ab6/ryanormrod13/ but it’s looking quite empty now. I would also frequent IRC (Internet … Continued

Job 26:7 “The earth is hanging upon nothing”

A Facebook user asked me, Moses wrote in the Book of Job(s) that “the earth is hanging upon nothing.” (Job 26:7) How did Moses knew that? Telescopes didn’t existed back then! (SIC) Supposing Moses was a real man and that this was in fact something he claimed to know, it would have obviously been without … Continued

A great tribute to Pete Namlook

According to Wikipedia, “Pete Namlook was an ambient and electronic-music producer and composer. In 1992, he founded the German record label FAX +49-69/450464, which he oversaw.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pete_Namlook. Unfortunately, after passing away in November 2012 most of us fans were left with an emptiness. For some, the world really did end that year. This tribute … Continued

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