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PHP Static Code Analysis

Every developer has a different coding style, this makes code difficult to maintain over time. In a large team of developers this can make code confusing and unmaintainable. Using the assistance of static code analysis tools, developers can get help to avoid common mistakes by enforcing coding standards, detecting common errors and cleaning up blocks … Continued

Best 3D Visualisation Companies in the UK

What is a 3D Visualisation company? Photographs can show a real physical product in crystal clear, high definition quality. But if the product contains any artifacts then they will also show up. So, the main purpose of 3D visualisation companies is to render out perfect product shots to use online and elsewhere. What are some examples … Continued

Prefixes to Commonly Used Terms in Neuroscience

PREFIX MEANING ab- away from acou- hear act- do, act ad-, aff- to aden- gland aer- air, gas alg- pain alve- tough ambi- both sides amphi- about, around, both sides ana- up, apart, across andr- man angi- blood vessel, duct ante- before anti- against, counter apo- from arachn- spider arch- beginning, origin arthr- joint articul- … Continued

How to get cleaner air indoors using plants and technology

While air quality in my home town of Warwick, Warwickshire, UK is not known to be the best in the country, in fact the council has basically got to act before we all choke. Steps to change Warwick District’s poor air quality adopted Leamington “one of the worst in the country” for air pollution July … Continued

Some initial test results from Star Count

So these are the results of Algorithm 1: While not entirely accurate, is it fair so say that it gives an idea of how many stars were found? You can visit Star Count here There are a few other Algorithms that aren’t currently live. Original Image: Result (Counted 2618 stars): Original Image: Result (Counted 1473 … Continued

The all time cutest USB flash drives

So you’re one of those that need something just a little different. When the typical rectangular shaped black or white grey flash drive just doesn’t quite hit the spot. (Maybe it’s just not that, flashy!). Well there is something that you can do about it! Perhaps the following is a bit ostentatious, believe me if … Continued

GCE A level Physics E01 Charge and Current notes

Steve4Physics has made some really wonderful videos on Youtube. I wanted to make some notes privately at first but I thought I might as well share them on my blog so that somebody else can see them (and to avoid losing them myself). +ve = Positive Charge (Proton) 1.60×10-19C -ve = Negative Charge (Electron) -1.60×10-19C … Continued