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It is coming soon (this year, so there are only a matter of weeks now!), a revision of the current LinkedIn website design that we have all been waiting for. According to a couple of sources, the new design is going to look like this:

Linkedin new homepage (Image credit: Design Week)

Here is a video overview:

To be honest, my only gripe with the current design is that I when I wanted I could not add and delete information on my LinkedIn profile, in bulk. So I have had times where I have deleted 30 images on a profile editor that refreshes and scrolls unexpectedly and it was absolutely terrible in terms of a UI. It took me a few weeks because I just did not want to dedicate too much time to the task. I felt it could have been done better with multiple selection feature with a delete button. It is the simply things in life! Then I could have done it in seconds.

If the new user profile is anything to go by, it seems there are only a few minor design changes coming and the edit profile feature may not even be updated.

Before and After Linked In

But apparently we can now learn on LinkedIn, which would be pretty cool (if it was free, but it is not, although there are free samples). Visit LinkedIn Learning. I am personally not going to pay, when there are plenty of high quality free tutorials already online.