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So you’re one of those that need something just a little different. When the typical rectangular shaped black
or white grey flash drive just doesn’t quite hit the spot. (Maybe it’s just not that, flashy!).

Well there is something that you can do about it! Perhaps the following is a bit ostentatious, believe me if
I could find the seller I would list it!

So what can you do?

Well, if you’re on of those animal enthusiasts like myself, you might like to try the great dog and cat, etc flash drives:

Perhaps you’ve seen enough of our fluffy friends (of course you haven’t) and were looking for
something a bit more rough and ready?

Of course whatever you buy these days, it’s likely to come with some concern.

But, what are the concerns?

The only downside to all of this is of course you’ll be paying a premium for the extra design quality while missing out on some of the more usually desirable features of a flash drive, like your RPM, storage capacity and general quality control in some cases! But, it doesn’t matter when you have the eyes of a plastic pooch staring at your from desktop. Of course this all a bit of a novelty, but what’s life without creating new meaning!

Wait a minute Ryan, those aren’t flashy at all

You’re right, they’re not. In fact my main inspiration for writing this article is just that. Where is the flashiness in flash drives? When is this going to change and why does every flash drive look so drab? Are they not even popular enough to consider change, and product design? (Well, my grandfather has one at 83 years of age). All right, but apart from my grandad having one, these drives are portable and their storage capacity is still ever expanding more and more. They’re usually light weight and slim in design, make your data ready wherever you can take them. Here is the problem, they are so portable and you can take them anywhere, that it makes design and flashiness important, but nobody seems to care. If you think I’m writing nonsense here, then take a look at this.

Why are pens so fancy, when flash drives are not?

Take a look at this, it’s a pen, unlike your usual pen, it costs £1800. It’s made of gold. It’s a flashy pen. It gets stuck in a pocket, and rarely needs to surface, but yet it’s made of gold.

Where then, is our flashy gold flash drive?

Oh alright, and so I did find the “humping dog”, actually I did better than that, I found two! (but don’t tell anybody :))