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There is very little left of privacy these days, social networks such as Facebook collect your data and sell it. Every like, comment and reaction will reveal your inner feelings and private personality. Your information is also possible to obtain for free by anybody that can get their fingers key tapping for the Facebook API. While there is likely no way to permanently delete your Facebook data due to backups and soft deletes (a method of hiding information rather than actually removing it), there is some comfort to be had by deleting your information.

What you will need.

There is an extension available for Google Chrome that you can use to delete data from you activity log. Please install it and then continue with this tutorial.

How to delete your information

  • Visit your main Facebook profile page while logged in, for example, mine is
  • On the bottom far right side of your Facebook cover, find the button entitled “View Activity Log”
  • When you’re on your Activity log page, use the left navigation to select the type of information you wish to delete
  • Click the extension icon that appeared after installation, and configure the date range for your particular needs.
  • Depending on the entries you wish to delete, choose whether or not you want to delete or unlike, etc.

That should be all you need to do in order to remove your information. Please beware that it may appear not to work at first, this is because the extension first finds all of the posts and then when it has found them all, it asks you to confirm the process once more before actually deleting your data. So you will need to wait and watch for the popup and then confirm.

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