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According to Wikipedia, “Pete Namlook was an ambient and electronic-music producer and composer. In 1992, he founded the German record label FAX +49-69/450464, which he oversaw.” –

Unfortunately, after passing away in November 2012 most of us fans were left with an emptiness. For some, the world really did end that year. This tribute takes away some of the pain by bringing together some of the best work of Pete Namlook in a very well thought out compilation. Thanks to The Chillage Idiots (which I came to know later, after looking up Pete because his music stood out to me even after listening to the bluemars radio station for 10 years!). Which oddly renamed to, I’m not sure if that is a tribute to the host of the original, because the host to me has always been some what of a mystery and I still have no idea who runs the website (new or old).

However, should echoesofbluemars cease to exist, I will certainly be one of the next in line to revive it and keep Bluemars alive for those of us that rely on it to code peacefully and imagine a bold new world of scientific understanding.

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