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A Facebook user said to me, Moses wrote in the Book of Job(s) that “the earth is hanging upon nothing.” (Job 26:7) How did Moses knew that? Telescopes didn’t existed back then! (SIC)

My response is: How do you know that Moses knew that, he may have proposed it as an idea, but we’re not debating whether ancient human beings were capable of having an imagination, an idea is a long way from a proof, for example take Democritus in 400 BC he proposed the atom with his atomic theory he had no idea atoms existed, but he had the idea and we now know he was in essence, correct. We do not consider Democritus to be a prophet or any of his theories to prove the existence of a deity.

More recently, Einstein proposed that the Earth pressed onto the fabric of time and space with an impression in resemblance of a dimple on the face. This is part of the theory of general relativity. It suggests that Earth is not hanging, but is sunken into the fabric of space-time. This has been proven by experimentation by the recent NASA Gravity Probe (GP-B). Summarised, the space-time around the Earth is distorted, that’s because Earth is pressing onto it and stretching it, by it’s mass and other factors, like when a heavy object is placed onto a blanket.

Of course, what Moses suggested is open to interpretation, but I’d suggest he believed Earth is not hanging, as in, by string. But what Moses fails to do, is produce an explanation for what Earth is doing, leaving every possible agreeable theory to fill the blank. For example, Moses could have just said “Earth is resting on fabric”.

The Bible just does not get it right all of the time, with respect, https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Biblical_scientific_errors (opens in new window). So, there were scientists and philosophers of ancient times, with both inaccurate and accurate theories, just as there are today. This is certainly true without a doubt, great thinkers are ahead of their times.

Secondly the Facebook user wrote, According to Chronology, the Bible is 3,500 years old, & if you doubt this, go to a *Museum not the Internet. The Bible has been translated into about 2,600 languages, and billions of copies printed & distribute. More than 90 percent of the people in the world can read the Bible in their own language. And each week, more than a million people get a Bible! Yes, there is no other book like the Bible. Have a Bible question?

First of all, I do not doubt this, in fact, I believe the age of the Bible is an irrelevance in the view of it being a contributor to the Bibles authenticity. Age does nothing to prove the existence of God, it’s the content inside the Bible that is up for debate. The universe is billions of years old, 3500 years is such a small span of time, if it was written 13.7 billion years ago and accurate, during a time when there were no human beings, then I’d reconsider my view. But it was not written before humanity, it was written with the assistance of mankind, and just like famous philosophers, its contents are continued to be enjoyed by people that believe in its work, accordingly, but the facts and evidence will only matter to those that care for them, alone. The Bible, like all of the other ancient texts is full of both accurate and inaccurate pieces of information, that’s not very, divine, is it?