Welcome to Ryan Ormrod Web Solutions. I develop websites that are accessible.

Very brief history

My very first experience of computers and coding was at the age of 12. I tried desperately to create my first homepage after getting online. I would upload my content to angelfire.com, in fact I still have the account http://www.angelfire.com/ab6/ryanormrod13/ but it’s looking quite empty now. I would also frequent IRC (Internet Relay Chat), and use mIRC, mIRC scripting was really fun back in the day!!

Computers were great, but growing up wasn’t, I had the worst of neighbours, I grew up with a primary school at the bottom of my garden, after this I lived with my grandfather for a while and he is quite hard of hearing so the TV was impossibly loud and relatives would turn up making noise at random periods. Eventually I left and I moved into my first flat, it was great at first, but then became a bad choice because one neighbour decided to get two small dogs that would bark all day long and a new neighbour would blast his music randomly after inviting all of his friends over. So, uncivilised…

So I found it was extremely difficult to cope, even with music playing, and understandingly there were times it would wear my patience down and I had to abandon my own home to seek silence.


How does music help?

Extroverted people have no respect for those that are quiet, introverted and dedicate their lives to studying; just the same as introverts do not have respect for those that make lots of noise and distract them. Introverts need to find methods to remove the annoying and inconsiderate noise that extroverted people make, which often travels from their existence into ours, uninvited.

There are certain types of music or white noise that can help introverts to concentrate, as it removes one element of noise that is frustrating, that is, the impossible task of predicting when or where the next noise will be. A genre of music I listen to is called “Ambient Space”. Ambient space music is slow, relaxing, with few spoken words and often without drum beats which distract too.

Thanks for your interest, but unfortunately I'm currently unavailable for hire due to personal reasons.