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Ryan Ormrod - Bespoke WordPress and WooCommerce solutions

Per feature WordPress and WooCommerce web development services in Warwick

As an experienced WordPress developer based in Warwick, I provide a full range of WordPress services, including: Website Development, Plugin Development, Theme Development, Website Maintenance and more.

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Flexible quotes for WordPress features

Flexible options to add new features to your client websites whether your project is due and you need a helping hand, or you’ve been tasked with a feature that you’re not entirely sure how to implement. I may be able to help!

Looking for something else? Contact me to discuss your project and let’s see if I can help!

Website section

from £50 / Feature
Add a new section to your website quoted from your design specifications.Get your quote

Landing page

from £175 / Feature
A responsive landing page quoted from your design specifications.Get your quote


from £175 / Feature
A responsive gallery quoted from your design specifications.Get your quote

Pardot marketing page

from £175 / Feature
A Pardot marketing page quoted from your design specifications.Get your quote

Interactive infographic

from £280 / Feature
An interactive and responsive infographic quoted from your design specifications.Get your quote

* Pricing depends on complexity of project design specifications

* Prices are calculated from the number of hours I anticipate the work would take

* Regular communications via email

Flexible quotes for WooCommerce eCommerce store features

Enhance your service offerings by adding more complex features to your clients new or existing WooCommerce eCommerce store.

Looking for something else? Contact me to discuss your project and let’s see if I can help!

Worldwide distributors map

from £700 / Feature
A worldwide distributors map quoted from your design specifications.Get your quote

Product configurator

from £2500 / Feature
Help consumers locate the products they are looking for with a bespoke product configurator for WooCommerce.Find out more

Bespoke sales data export solutions

from £875 / Feature
Grant your OEMs access to your live sales data with a bespoke password protected sales data export solution for WooCommerceFind out more

Custom Product Import Code

from £1050 / Feature
Avoid manually importing products by having an eCommerce specialist / eCommerce developer manually or automatically import products for you instead!Find out more

Product quote forms

from £700 / Feature
A product quote form quoted from your design specifications.Get your quote

* Pricing depends on complexity of project design specifications

* Prices are calculated from the number of hours I anticipate the work would take

* Regular communications via email

Case Studies

I’ve worked with WooCommerce for many years and have provided some very advanced bespoke solutions for my clients.

Online clothing company - eCommerce store

I worked on very large eCommerce homepage for a startup company based in the United Kingdom. The challenge was that the business model of the company was based on fabric shapes being applied to multiple different clothing types, such as: hoodies, rucksacks, etc. This led to over 18,000 different clothing combinations with each needing its own product variation in the database.

The homepage

The homepage was fun and colourful and showed off all of the different styles of fabric, clothing and shapes that were available. There were many call to action buttons that launched the main product configurator to start the customer off on their journey.

Product listings

Each product variation was listed as a standard store would list them. Each product variation graphic was installed as a separate media attachment and available to Google under normal constraints.

Single product page

The single product page would usually be found after making all required selections in the product configurator. A customer was able to tweet an image of the design that they created as well as make a purchase or customise their design further by adding a name. Each single-product page was also available to Google for SEO purposes.

Product configurator

The product configurator was a multi-step system, with the ability to zoom and preview each of the 18,000 product variations. For example, a customer would select a colour and a clothing type i.e a red hoodie and this would be displayed. Next they could select a fabric design and shape, think: polka tractor (fun?). Lastly they could select the size and hit the final button to be taken to the single product page.


There were a number of considerable challenges to make the entire process work correctly as originally conceived.

Challenge #1 – How to generate an image for each clothing item and with each possible design?

I was given a base photograph of each clothing type in each possible colour, and each fabric design as a separate image. In order to create a preview of each possible product design, I created a PHP script that would accept parameters for colour, clothing type, fabric, image size, etc. The PHP script would determine where to position the fabric and shape design by knowing the clothing type in the specified colour. It would then output the new image using the image size parameters. This was used in the product import script to give each product variation an image of its own.

Challenge #2: But what about inserting the products into the database?

I was too busy for my calendar at the time, either that, or I did not fancy inserting 18,000 products into the database manually which would take between 5-10 minutes each! So, I created a script that inserted all of the clothing types in each colour with a price and a featured image of the product. Next the script determined all permutations (all the different types of fabric to display), and added them as product variations to each clothing type and utilised the image script to setup a featured image for each variation. This was done for each available size, with different prices.

Should I do the same for you?

Kettle component manufacturer - Corporate homepage

I worked on the corporate homepage for one of the worlds largest kettle component manufacturers, based in the United Kingdom. I was challenged with creating a homepage that was to be internationalised, fast, with unique bespoke tools that would be used to help worldwide OEMs locate the most appropriate kettle component for their needs.

The front page

The front page consisted of multiple content sections and call to action buttons, the latest news, and client logos of the brands that worked with the company.

The timeline feature

I developed a unique timeline feature that described the history of the corporation from its original conception to where it is today.

Products listing page

The products page consisted of a colour coded and mobile responsive table, complete with full descriptions of kettle components and their product imagery. Each table column had a call to action button to view the complete overview of each kettle component.

Single product page

The single product page listed the same overview information in a nicely formatted design, as more of an explainer page, with additional features such as the product variants of each kettle component and the ability to request a quote for, or, compare each kettle component.

The kettle component finder tool

I developed a tool that made it easier for OEMs to identify the kettle component that was right for their needs. After answering the provided questions, any matching results would be displayed with the ability to immediately request a quote based on the regional requirements chosen by the OEM.


For one of my own personal projects, I wrote multiple product configurators that enabled consumers of the drinks and beverage industry to accurately browse a variety of products such as kettles, coffee machines, coffee, teas and more.

You can discover more about the product configurators I wrote by visiting the portfolio item.


While working on the eCommerce store homepage of one of the UKs largest water filter jug companies, I was asked by their OEM in China, to create bespoke sales export script which they could use to login securely and gain access to the latest sales data which included orders and customer information.

The data was to be provided in CSV format and compatible with their OEM systems which would have choice based selections on the data that was to be exported (data ranges, product types, etc). The OEMs were also involved in the distribution of the products directly to customers on receipt of a new order.

Should I do the same for you?

What are the feature terms?

You will be invoiced at three different stages. Stage one, there is a non-refundable initial deposit for 25% of your feature quote to cover the cost of time for research and development. Stage two, when your feature is roughly 50% complete a second invoice will be sent for a further 25% of your feature quote if you’re happy with the progress being made else there is an option to stop the development there and then. Stage three, the final invoice for the remaining 50% of the quote for your feature. I believe this process keeps us both in line with our project commitments and prevents us both from incurring large costs due to any plausible dissatisfaction.

Quality guaranteed
If the work I perform experiences technical difficulties at any stage after completion, bug fixes will be made at a rate of £18 per hour until bugs cease to exist. I am 100% committed to code quality and customer satisfaction and therefore there should not be any major concerns.

Unless requested features allow me to work independently without access to your current projects, in order to add features to an existing website, I will need to be able to reproduce the existing website locally to make the changes to the code. For adding features to new websites in active development, I will need to be able to access the working code over GIT and be able to work isolated on a copy locally.

How do you handle development revisions?
Although I spend a lot of time understanding your needs, there’s always a chance that you may need a few modifications after reviewing the progress. Time I spend revising development changes will be discussed and quoted for when these are changes to the original technical specification. If there are issues with the work I have performed these will be corrected within the original quote budget.

I’m not sure which package is right for me, can you help?
Of course! You can get in touch with all of the technical specifications and other information and I will discuss with you which option I feel would work best for your needs.

Progress previews, code ownership and code transfers
After full payment, you will fully own all of the code that is being developed, and all project related information is kept private under your NDA agreement or tentatively. No code is transferred before a final payment is made for the project, do not worry, there’s an option to pay early to cover project costs for immediate handover. Code will also be handed over if you decide to stop the project at the half-way mile stone (when the project reaches roughly 50%) after payment of 50% of the quote has been settled.

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