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15/03/2018 Warwickshire police to create awareness, as part of CSE awareness week
Throughout this week, Warwickshire Police, Barnardo’s and Warwickshire County Council have been raising awareness of child sexual exploitation (CSE): Link Sexual exploitation happens to boys and girls

15/03/2018 A government petition to call for a public inquiry has been created online and currently has almost 8500 signatures (10,000 needed for a response)…
The petition is entitled, “Set up a public inquiry into the National problem of Paedophile grooming gangs.[sic erat scriptum]” Personally, I very much doubt that the race and religion of the perpetrators is as apparent as it might seem to some, outside of sensationalism in the headlines, however there appears to be a cultural slant to some of the grooming which cannot be ignored by anybody, and this is already somewhat being acknowledged by the state. However, the tackling of this issue is long overdue (Why should society or the state care about who, which nationality or religion they are, those that are endangering children, need to be arrested and put in front of our courts). I acknowledge however, that my opinion on the race and religion can very much be wrong, but without an inquiry and the dissemination of all of the relevant facts, I can not be right either. This is why an inquiry might be essential and so I do support this notion.

For goodness sake, this is disgusting, this is treachery by past and present elected Governments, where is the uproar? This country is heading into a bottomless pit of utter woefulness. How can people be so stolid and phlegmatic while such slovenly types are systematically grooming young and vulnerable people?

There’s no call here for others to be more vindictive, though this certainly brings ones own principles into question, because there’s a complete lack of ballsiness in society and from the state. The tough nimble police and people of old, the emeritus officers, would surely have had more effrontery than this modern incompetent, thewless and temperate force, towards what is a widespread hideous systematic abuse of vulnerable people.

As for the perpetrators, if indeed it’s their cultural background that’s responsible (I do not buy into this theory, to me, they are what they are, grown adults with their own self and responsibility that are committing violent crimes, irrespective of background), culture is not a good enough excuse for acceptance or tolerance in any form, we have our own culture here in England, it’s not okay for us or other cultures to disrespect the good parts of our culture to allow another more inept and archaic cultural behaviour to supersede them, so let’s send such guests a message back, to evolve and be less unprincipled, manipulative and violent, and that this country has some laws and values that are not up for debate, by showing long prison sentences that are to be fully complied with, will become the norm. Then we’ll see how far such cultural values really stretch.

The people that think grooming is okay, need to learn how to respect our rules or find their nearest exit out of this country. Rule of law is becoming ever more fractured and pockmarked and eaten away at by certain radical multicultural views, which may very well taste good to certain minorities but are foul to other minorities and as a whole, the majority, therefore as we are multicultural, we need to agree to have a common set of values, and those are our British values, and those that are not happy with them, do not really belong here and should leave and have their views dismissed. Another view I’d like to make perfectly clear, the victims here are the vulnerable that have been or are being groomed, not the men and women that use their culture as an excuse to attack others. So let’s hope that this report will tip the wink, and allow the police to act positively against its current shambles of a system and reintegrate with reality to ensure the safety of women and children above the criminal necessity of disgusting misanthropic and misogynistic cultural beliefs.

Additionally, after all of the years reading and hearing about grooming gangs, I’m looking forward to the inaugural address of a more barefaced than personable prime minister — (important to note that we currently have yet to witness both traits, in our current PM, she appears to be a glorified and eulogised lady, who tries as often as she fails), — that will start hurling out the weak members of parliament and follow-through with a concise clear strategic plan to restore the former self-respect of this old nation as opposed to promising a lot and delivering nothing!!

Original BBC article
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Overall my views are that multiculturalism like anything else, is good and bad, I am a fan of supporting the lives of great people that genuinely come to our country to live and try their best to improve it and the world around it, there’s no cause or intent for any more hatred against good decent people anywhere, wherever they come from. However, all that migrate to this country must at-least embrace the good and common shared values of this country, that keep us all safe and free, or have their access revoked and be deported back to their original country.

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