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RYDONATE 0.1 – Now you CAN list your crypto wallet addresses on your WordPress website or blog to accept donations directly from user to address or via COINQVEST.

This is a non-official COINQVEST plugin so please consult their help centre for any issues with COINQVEST. Note: COINQVEST do introduce checkout fees after a number of checkouts has been achieved which are detailed on their pricing page.

By using this FREE plugin, you accept that I accept no responsibility for any loses or damages that may occur by using this FREE plugin or via the COINQVEST service who are a completely third-party company and completely unaffiliated with me. Visit the COINQVEST Terms of Service page for more information regarding suitable use. The PHP code involved in this plugin is released under the GNU General Public GPLv3 licence, see CLAUSE 15 for Disclaimer of Warranty and CLAUSE 16 for Limitation of Liability. Other assets such as JavaScript, CSS, plugin imagery and other framework architecture is © Ryan Ormrod.

If you’re new to Crypto, you will need to have wallet addresses. You can get these on
Binance for FREE:

Join Binance to get started

Coming soon

Who is it for?

There’s no particular use-case for this cryptocurrency plugin, it can be used by anybody who wants to display their wallet addresses or accept cryptocurrency tip or donations on their WordPress website or blog.

Example usages are:

  • A developer who wants to receive cryptocurrency tips for their code.
  • A service provider who wants to receive cryptocurrency donations or tips for their services.
  • An organisation who wants to receive donations in cryptocurrency as opposed to FIAT for their charitable work.
  • A digital designer who wishes to receive donations in cryptocurrency for their design work.



  • Copy the entire “wp-ryanormrod-rydonate” folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen (Plugins > Installed Plugins).
  • Find the RYDONATE menu in your WordPress admin screen.

Plugin configuration

How to get up and running

  • Get your API key and secret from your COINQVEST merchant account.
  • Enter your API key and secret into the COINQVEST section on the API settings tab.
  • Add your coins on the add coin tab if you wish to display more than just the checkout button.
  • Setup your wallet addresses and QR codes on the Wallets tab so that your coins will be displayed.
  • You can manage all of your payments made via the COINQVEST checkout via your merchant account. COINQVEST will also notify you by email about every new payment, you can visit the transactions page on your admin screen to see your recent transactions aswell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to insert my own coins manually or do you automatically generate them from a coin symbol?

At the moment, you will need to add your own coin image, coin symbol and coin name. This is to cater for all users who may wish to show a custom icon and name. Or use this plugin for other purposes that could be permitted by the way the plugin works.

Are there any imposed limits on coins and wallet addresses?

No, you can add as many coins and wallet addresses as you like.

Does this plugin automatically generate a QR code or do I need to provide my own?

This plugin does not yet automatically generate a QR code, this is so users can upload their own designs initially. I do hope to cater for those who do not wish to upload a customisable QR code in the future by providing a QR code generator.

What is a wallet address and how do I get one?

You can read about wallet addresses in the Binance Glossary

To get your wallet address:

  1. Register for your FREE Binance account
  2. Learn how to deposit and withdraw
  3. You can generate QR codes and find your wallet addresses via Binance Pay

What is a QR code and where do I get one for my wallet address?

A QR is basically a graphic that is similar to a bar code, when scanned by a camera it reveals its contents. To get a QR code for a Binance wallet address you can Join Binance for FREE and follow their guide on how to generate a QR code.

What if I do not want to use Binance?

You can use any exchange you want to get a wallet address, but I recommend Binance because it’s one of the largest and easiest to use and has the most helpful online documentation, rather low fees and generates fancy QR codes. And it’s FREE!

Do I need to use the COINQVEST API?

No, the COINQVEST API is optional and adds a donate button under your enabled coin icons on your website.

Do I need a COINQVEST account?

You will need a COINQVEST account if you wish to use the RYDONATE checkout API features as this requires a secret and private key to access the third-party API.

Is a COINQVEST account free of charge?

To get started and use the plugin with COINQVEST, you will need a free account, however, due to the way COINQVEST works, after a certain number of checkouts have been completed you may incur charges on future checkouts after exceeding their free quote.

Can I email users if they send directly to my wallet address?

When a user address sends directly to your address, unless there’s an external method that permits you to collect that users email address, there is no way for any plugin author to collect an email via this method as it’s a completely external process. However, you may enable a thank you email for transactions made via the COINQVEST API.

Plugin screenshots

Could RYDONATE be the right plugin for your website, blog or organisation? Take a peek at some of the screenshots below to see what’s available.

* Advertisements and powered by links can be disabled for FREE! I do not agree with forcing advertisements on my users. Your privacy is also fully respected.

[foogallery id=”2938″]


See how the plugin works below. All of the content after this paragraph is part of the plugin, until the current features section.

Current features

I’ve included as many amazing features as I could for the first release, it has taken weeks of development time but I hope you’re happy with the result.

  1. Add any coin you like from all of the available crypto assets in the world with three simple fields: A coin image, currency code and currency name.
  2. Add as many coins as you like, it’s FREE and there are no limits.
  3. Configure your coin wallet addresses and add a QR code if desired from the easy to manage UI.
  4. Automatically display your wallets on your website or blog above posts, below posts, above pages and below pages or manually with a shortcode.
  5. Coin icons are nicely displayed and launch a modal popup on click, with the wallet address and optional QR code displayed.
  6. An optional click to copy button which can be customised in the settings can also be displayed in the modal popup.
  7. The modal popup itself can be completely styled from the plugin settings.
  8. You can add your own custom HTML both above and below the coin icons.
  9. Enable the COINQVEST Checkout by setting up your API settings.
  10. Easily create your own cancellation and return pages for the checkout (don’t forget to add the shortcode to display a transaction overview to the user).
  11. Easily customise the donate button for the checkout.
  12. The modal button launches a checkout with a customisable title, description and field labels, field placeholders and the ability to add an image to the top of the checkout modal.
  13. You can decide whether to set a fixed donation amount and currency, or let the user input their own amount and currency.
  14. You can easily setup suggested amounts i.e £5.00, £10.00, etc.
  15. Choose whether you wish to redirect users to the COINQVEST checkout page or launch in a popup.
  16. The COINQVEST checkout collects the email addresses of people that donate so that you can contact them should you wish to with a thank you message.
  17. You can also setup your own email template in the API settings tab and automatically thank users.
  18. You can customise almost everything on the front end.
  19. All transactions can be seen on the transactions page in your WordPress dashboard.
  20. Enjoy your donations, please donate to the plugin author as well :).
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