Create videos for YouTube using WooCommerce

If you find yourself on YouTube everyday like many of us do. You’ll understand just how important it is to utilise video as part of your product marketing strategy.

OWEBSOLUTIONS also understands how important it is, and that’s why we invested a lot of time developing a bespoke video technology for WooCommerce that can automatically generate a video to be used to promote brand awareness and showcase your product range.

What do we need from you?

In order to generate the video we need the following information:

  1. Your logo and a information about your company.
  2. The font you wish to use.
  3. A list of 5 products per video that you would like to showcase and the information (attributes, description, etc) that you want to show.
  4. Any background music you wish us to add.
  5. If you wish to include a voice over, each product will be shown for 1 minute. So for 5 products you would speak for one minute only per product.
  6. External access to your WordPress database to obtain product information only. Or you can export your products and send them to us.

What will you get?

You will get a video that includes 5 minutes of product information (one minute per product). Plus 1 minute for the video introduction (free of charge).

Sample videos

Take a look at some of our sample videos. You can customise the appearance when requesting a video.

Francis Francis coffee machines, designs and colours

A selection of coffee machines with touch screens / control

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