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Ryan Ormrod - Bespoke WordPress and WooCommerce solutions

Favela Kids Clothing

Luxury Customisable Kids Clothing


I wrote the frontend code, developed the product configurator, developed a bespoke solution to generate a final image per each product variation and insert it into such variation. I wrote a script to place each design variation on each product type image (tractor on the red hoodie as depicted for example). I configured the backend and deployed the website.

About Favela Kids Clothing

Favela Kids Clothing is an ecommerce website which I developed during my employment at Visario. I was responsible for all of the front end and back end website code. There are over 18,000 product variations which have images and size combinations in display on their bespoke configurator. I wrote an image generator which combined all of the images and inserted them into the product variations of the WooCommerce Platform.

Frameworks & Plugins

  • wordpress

  • jquery

  • gulp

  • bower

  • sass

  • bootstrap

  • woocommerce

  • campaignmonitor

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This project was developed during my employment at

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