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Ryan Ormrod - Bespoke WordPress and WooCommerce solutions

Furze Farm Estate

Holiday Accommodation


I was responsible for coding the frontend of the website, configuring the backend, bespoke development work on the proprietary booking system to cater for requested improvements to adding discounts, fixing integration with Worldpay and additional charges such as security bonds. Additionally, I was responsible for the deployment and maintenance of the website up until November 2016.

About Furze Farm Estate

I developed the Furze Farm Estate website during my employment at Visario. I decided to use the PinPoint Booking System Pro plugin but in order to meet with the clients requests (after making an informed decision to choose this plugin) I had to heavily modify it to suit the new requirements. The website is mobile friendly and has two Accommodation properties with the ability to easily add more in the future.

Frameworks & Plugins

  • wordpress

  • jquery

  • npm

  • gulp

  • bower

  • sass

  • bootstrap

  • woocommerce

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This project was developed during my employment at

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