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Ryan Ormrod - Bespoke WordPress and WooCommerce solutions


Consumer utility for the drinks and beverages industry


I am the website developer, designer and operator.


I developed after my daughter was born to one day encourage and ease her into environmentalism. The original concept is to reduce plastic packaging by encouring consumers to use single-use water bottles via its Think Green campaign.

Frameworks & Plugins

  • acf

  • gulp

  • wordpress

  • jquery

  • bower

  • npm

  • sass

  • cf7

  • googleanalytics

  • mailchimp

  • ubermenu

  • wpsyncdb

  • bootstrap

  • woocommerce



Originally conceived in 2017, MINDYOURWATER is the first online tool to help consumers find healthier and more environmentally friendly products in the drinks and beverages industry.

Think green

Using the Think Green tool, consumers can locate healthier and environmentally friendlier products.

Think Perfect

Using the online interactive Think Perfect tool, consumers can find their perfect water filter or unfiltered water bottle, coffee machine, kettle and more.

Find tasty

Using the Find Tasty tool, consumers can lookup coffees and tea by flavour and location.

Contaminants lookup

Using the Water Contaminants tool, consumers can find water filter catridges by the contaminants they reduce.

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