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Ryan Ormrod - Bespoke WordPress and WooCommerce solutions



I chose the tools and framework and worked with Alex Blok (Designer / Product Developer) to code a robust system that could be used to store and manage sensitive and public data in a granular form.


"PiCosm is a privacy centric multi-purpose utility with a number of invaluable features, each designed to integrate with the forthcoming PiCosm Virtual Earth - a healthier more mature alternative to the sinister metaverse. This compelling platform is to be based on our intuitive Jenesis™ 4D engine. So join PiCosm now for less than the cost of a London pint, and not only benefit from the current features, but be ready for something that will radically enhance the way you create, share, learn, trade and play."

Frameworks & Plugins

  • laravel

  • bootstrap

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