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Ryan Ormrod - Bespoke WordPress and WooCommerce solutions


Plant Packaging


I developed the entire front end of the website and configured the backend. I also developed a bespoke price changing algorithm which made price changes based on quantity and bulk ordering rates.

About Plantpac

I developed the Plantpac Website using Wordpress and WooCommerce during my employment at Visario. It accepts payments using Sage Pay and WorldPay. Initially there were problems with the plugin for Sage Pay, which I had to prove to the plugin author to get changes made so that the Plantpac website could accept payments using both requested providers. I also wrote a bespoke plugin to handle the shipping costs based on postal code and to allow for price adjustments per product quantity.

Frameworks & Plugins

  • acf

  • gulp

  • wordpress

  • jquery

  • bower

  • npm

  • sass

  • googleanalytics

  • wpsyncdb

  • bootstrap

  • woocommerce

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This project was developed during my employment at

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