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Ryan Ormrod - Bespoke WordPress and WooCommerce solutions

PHP Software Engineer

Coventry & Warwick, Warwickshire

I build bespoke WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel and Slim PHP software solutions.

I’m available to hire as an experienced PHP software engineer. Using my fluent PHP skills I have brought many amazing projects from their initial concepts to live websites. i.e

I love to build product configurators that help consumers find the products they want.

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Building fast and smart for online

I use a carefully chosen range of frameworks and libraries that are ideal for most scenarios. I build bespoke PHP solutions that have front ends which are responsive, solid and optimised for mobile and back ends that are fast, easy to use and packed full of all the required tools for administrative purposes.

  • WordPress

    PHP based Content Management System (CMS) / Blogging platform. Ideal for most website projects.

  • WooCommerce

    The most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress with many powerful features.

  • Slim PHP Framework

    Slim is a micro PHP framework best suited for building lightning fast APIs.

  • Laravel

    A web application framework with amazing features such as: middleware, routes, database migrations, database models, Eloquent ORM, and more.


    Enhances the experience of creating custom CSS for website styling by acting as a preprocessor scripting language.

  • NPM

    A package manager for node that makes it easy to install and manage front end website assets.

  • Bower

    A package manager for web assets, similar to NPM but mostly focuses on styles and scripts only.

  • Gulp

    A task runner to compile and syntax check web assets as provided in its configuration. Whether from NPM or bower, etc.

  • Webpack

    A JavaScript module bundler which can also handle other web assets such as stylesheets.

  • Bootstrap

    A CSS framework for building mobile friendly responsive websites.

  • jQuery

    A JavaScript library that simplifies DOM tree traversal and manipulation.

  • Vue.js

    A model–view–viewmodel front end JavaScript framework.

  • AngularJS

    A model-view-whatever JavaScript framework for progressive web apps closely resembling a model-view-controller framework.

  • MySQL

    A (SQL) Structured Query Language based Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) based upon relational algebra and set theory.

  • MongoDB

    A document based database which stores JSON-like documents.

  • Stripe API

    A REST based API for making payments online using the Stripe online payment processing company.

  • Paypal API

    REST based API for making online and mobile payments using the Paypal online payment processing company.

  • Worldpay

    REST based API for making online and mobile payments using the WorldPay online payment processing company.

Created by Ryan Ormrod, is about saving consumers time by helping them locate unfiltered water and water filtered coffee machines, kettles, jugs, bottles and dispensers by their unique features. A project that will hopefully lead to a more environmental approach to fulfil our tea and coffee habits as well as assist the phasing out of single-use water bottles.


    I am the website developer, designer and operator.
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  • RIDI

    I wrote the frontend and backend code for that later went on to be validated by the Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) Uniquely I implemented the ReciteME toolbar found at
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  • All Square Cleaning

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  • Favela Kids Clothing

    I wrote the frontend code, developed the product configurator, developed a bespoke solution to generate a final image per each product variation and insert it into such variation. I wrote a script to place each design variation on each product type image (tractor on the red hoodie as depicted for example). I configured the backend and deployed the website.
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  • Furze Farm Estate

    I was responsible for coding the frontend of the website, configuring the backend, bespoke development work on the proprietary booking system to cater for requested improvements to adding discounts, fixing integration with Worldpay and additional charges such as security bonds. Additionally, I was responsible for the deployment and maintenance of the website up until November 2016.
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  • Gardner CNC

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  • Navimed

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  • Partnership Framework

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  • Plantpac

    I developed the entire front end of the website and configured the backend. I also developed a bespoke price changing algorithm which made price changes based on quantity and bulk ordering rates.
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  • Total Transformations

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  • Visario

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Visit starcount

An experimental project that scans an image for bright spots and counts them using a unique algorithm.

  • Contact Form 7

    Contact Form 7 enables you to easily create and use forms with shortcodes. However, if you lack the coding knowledge, your forms will look simplistic and may lack mobile responsiveness.
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  • CSS

    If you've noticed something not working quite correctly on your mobile device, or browser it's possible there's a CSS issue that needs to be resolved. Cross browser and cross device display issues are commonplace and can be easily resolved by an expert website developer.
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  • PHP Bug Fixes

    Awkward bugs can be difficult to find, the pesky critters sometimes require hours of code rewrites and improvements. I’m here to help, using my decade+ of experience in website development.
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  • WordPress

    Having a WordPress website is exciting, but sometimes it needs a few tweaks and improvements to keep it fresh and enhance its performance.
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Case studies

My largest clients have worked with me on projects that were developed under a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). While I cannot describe most of them without violating my agreement, here are some approved descriptions of work that I can share.

Kettle component manufacturer - Corporate homepage

I worked on the corporate homepage for one of the worlds largest kettle component manufacturers, based in the United Kingdom. I was challenged with creating a homepage that was to be internationalised, fast, with unique bespoke tools that would be used to help worldwide OEMs locate the most appropriate kettle component for their needs.

The front page

The front page consisted of multiple content sections and call to action buttons, the latest news, and client logos of the brands that worked with the company.

The timeline feature

I developed a unique timeline feature that described the history of the corporation from its original conception to where it is today.

Products listing page

The products page consisted of a colour coded and mobile responsive table, complete with full descriptions of kettle components and their product imagery. Each table column had a call to action button to view the complete overview of each kettle component.

Single product page

The single product page listed the same overview information in a nicely formatted design, as more of an explainer page, with additional features such as the product variants of each kettle component and the ability to request a quote for, or, compare each kettle component.

The kettle component finder tool

I developed a tool that made it easier for OEMs to identify the kettle component that was right for their needs. After answering the provided questions, any matching results would be displayed with the ability to immediately request a quote based on the regional requirements chosen by the OEM.

Online clothing company - eCommerce store

I worked on very large eCommerce homepage for a startup company based in the United Kingdom. The challenge was that the business model of the company was based on fabric shapes being applied to multiple different clothing types, such as: hoodies, rucksacks, etc. This lead to over 18,000 different clothing combinations with each needing its own variation in the database.

The front page

The front page was fun and colourful and showed off all of the different styles of fabric, clothing and shapes that were available. There were many call to action buttons that launched the main product configurator to start the customer off on their journey.

Products list

Each variation was listed as a standard store would list them.

Single product page

The single product page would usually be found after making all required selections in the product configurator. A customer was able to tweet an image of the current design that they created as well as make a purchase or customise their design further by adding a name.

Product configurator

The product configurator was a multi-step system, with the ability to zoom and preview each of the 18,000 product variations. For example, a customer would select a colour and a clothing type i.e a red hoodie and this would be displayed. Next they could select a fabric design and shape, think: polka tractor (fun?). Lastly they could select the size and hit the final button to be taken to the single product page.


There were a number of considerable challenges to make the entire process work correctly as originally conceived.

Challenge #1 – How to generate an image of each clothing item with each possible design?

I was given a base photograph of each clothing type in each possible colour, and each fabric design as a separate image. In order to create a preview of each possible product design, I created a PHP script that would accept parameters for colour, clothing type, fabric, image size, etc. The PHP script would determine where to position the fabric and shape design by knowing the clothing type in the specified colour. It would then output the new image using the image size parameters.

Challenge #2: But what about inserting the products into the database?

I was too busy for my calendar at the time, either that, or I did not fancy inserting 18,000 products into the database manually. So, I created a script that inserted all of the clothing types in each colour with a price and a featured image of the product. Next the script determined all permutations (all the different types of fabric to display), and added them as product variations to each clothing type and utilised the image script to setup a featured image for each variation. This was done for each available size, with different prices.

Kind words from the great companies and clients I have worked with

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    “Ryan built an out of this world website for our cleaning company”

    “Ryan is a very detail orientated developer who worked hard to understand my requirements, work with the technology stack we had to get the best possible outcome. He offered many opinions and was supportive in the release phase. I felt confident throughout that my project was in safe hands even though it turned out to be far more complex than I had realised. Ryan saw us through and I am very happy with the results.”
  • Hand Trucks 2 Go

    I wish there was some way to approve of Ryan at OWEBSOLUTIONS more than a simple testimonial! He went all out, with unparalleled devotion and communication, Nice bonus on the way!
  • Salmon Bay Landscaping

    Great experience working with Ryan at OWEBSOLUTIONS. Plan to use him on future projects. Thanks!
  • The Love Vitamin

    Excellent! Job done quickly, awesomely, and great customer service. I will definitely be going back to Ryan at OWEBSOLUTIONS. Highly recommended!
  • Thunder fitness

    Great job on our email templates!
  • Wise Global Trading Ltd

    If you want something fast and a design that is on point, look no further. These guys must have gone to the school of Hogwarts because of their Harry Potter wizardry skills. Thanks all! Job well done!