Wordpress development services

OWEBSOLUTIONS is a Warwickshire based PHP development team offering bespoke solutions in WordPress and WooCommerce.

OWEBSOLUTIONS is operated by Ryan Ormrod, a freelance WordPress website developer based in Warwick, Warwickshire. His core skills are WordPress Theme Development, WordPress Optimisation, WordPress Plugins, Object Orientated PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML & CSS (LESS / Sass).


Our clients love us because we have a MAGNITUDE of technical skills. So what can we help you with?

We focus on Wordpress because we love it!

Wordpress services

Non-ecommerce & ecommerce WordPress websites

WordPress website development

We enjoy building mobile friendly and accessible WordPress websites and themes.

  • Optimisation services
  • SEO services
  • Theme conversion to WCAG 2.0 standards
  • Theme development services
  • Reset admin passwords if locked out
  • Fix issues and errors with plugins and themes
  • Manage or update your WordPress website
  • Provide hourly support
  • Convert a HTML website into a WordPress website
  • Configure contact forms
We choose WooCommerce to provide our bespoke eCommerce solutions

WooCommerce services

e-commerce WordPress websites

WooCommerce website development

We will carefully build an online store with the features and design you require.

  • Front-end development
  • Inserting products
  • Custom product import code
  • Custom order export code
  • Fix issues and errors
  • Hourly consulting
  • Setup payment gateways

Our latest project

A bespoke web application and analytical system for one the world’s largest industries. Owned and (c) to OWEBSOLUTIONS.

e-commerce website using WooCommerce

What we did

  • Optimisation services
  • SEO services
  • Website design
  • Theme development services
  • Product configurator development
  • Search development
  • Bespoke analytical system
  • Inserted products
  • Configured contact forms

Tools that we're familiar with

We’re always open to learning new things, but we genuinely love some of the tools and frameworks we use regularly.

  • jQuery
  • Yarn
  • NPM
  • GIT
  • Bower
  • SCSS

Plugins we use

Here’s the plugins we use regularly to create powerful and user-friendly WordPress websites…

Content can be easily edited with Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced custom fields PRO

We use ACF Pro to provide a content editor that is easy to use and customise. It is user friendly and regularly updated.

Google friendly breadcrumbs...

Breadcrumb (NAVXT)

Breadcrumbs help users navigation through website content. They also help search engines index websites.

Contact form 7

There are many great contact form plugins available for WordPress, but we prefer Contact Form 7 because it is very easy for people to use. However, we can work with other contact form plugins if desired.

Regenerate thumbnails

In order to keep image sizes minimised and appropriate on the front-end, we use the Regenerate thumbnails plugin. We will run this operation after declaring all thumbnail sizes using the WordPress API.


Not mandatory, but a good reliable ready made menu plugin cuts down on the total development time and helps avoid issues.


Hello! Privet! Hola! Using PolyLang to provide translatable strings when we provide front-end solutions means that you can reach global audiences by having a bilingual website.

WordPress Sync DB

Keeping development and staging versions up to date with the live website is important. Overwriting the database on a live project means there will be inevitable data loss. To avoid this complication and to seamlessly migrate website data between website versions, we utilise WordPress Sync DB.


Here’s what our previous clients have had to say…

John at cleancooks.co.uk says:

“OWEBSOLUTIONS built an out of this world website for our cleaning company”

Status: Client has had a new website built since. We will load a backup soon.

Sarah Bull at PSSLTD says:

“Ryan at OWEBSOLUTIONS is a very detail orientated developer who worked hard to understand my requirements, work with the technology stack we had to get the best possible outcome. He offered many opinions and was supportive in the release phase. I felt confident throughout that my project was in safe hands even though it turned out to be far more complex than I had realised. Ryan saw us through and I am very happy with the results.”

Status: Bespoke admin dashboard, no preview available.

Wise Global Trading Ltd

“If you want something fast and a design that is on point, look no further. These guys must have gone to the school of Hogwarts because of their Harry Potter wizardry skills. Thanks all! Job well done!”

Status: Small tasks

Salmon Bay Landscaping

“Great experience working with Ryan at OWEBSOLUTIONS. Plan to use him on future projects. Thanks!”

Status: Small tasks

Thunder fitness

“Great job!”

Status: Small tasks

The Love Vitamin

“Excellent! Job done quickly, awesomely, and great customer service. I will definitely be going back to Ryan at OWEBSOLUTIONS. Highly recommended!”

Status: Small tasks

Hand Trucks 2 Go

“I wish there was some way to approve of Ryan at OWEBSOLUTIONS more than a simple testimonial! He went all out, with unparalleled devotion and communication, Nice bonus on the way!”

Status: Small tasks

Require a small website update?

Looking to hand over some smaller tasks temporarily? Perhaps you’re on a tight deadline and need somebody to join in? Well, we’re available online to hire hourly as a Freelancer, you know?

Available to hire on Fiverr

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We’ve been a top-rated seller! With great feedback!

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Custom built WordPress websites

OWEBSOLUTIONS is a web development agency, based in Warwick, Warwickshire. We offer custom solutions for WordPress websites both non-ecommerce and ecommerce using WooCommerce. We don’t just churn out websites, we seek to follow specifications to the letter.

Can we help with your WordPress project?

What can an expert WordPress developer deliver?

Some of the most common scenarios where I deliver successful projects for my clients:

  • You’re just starting out designing a website for a client but you need advice choosing the right plugins or finding the best approach for your project.
  • You’re taking on an irregular project and need a freelance WordPress developer to help work alongside a design to plan the best approach for your project.
  • You’re looking to launch a bespoke WooCommerce website and need a professional developer to code it.
  • You’re having errors on your WordPress website but you do not know how to fix them.
  • You want to add a new feature to your WordPress website.

What kind of projects have we done before?

Each project is different, but fortunately we have a wide range of development skills are our disposal. Here are descriptions of some of the projects we have built over the years…


Not long after our client requested our WordPress and WooCommerce development services, it was clear that the project wasn’t going to be a straightforward one.

We were tasked with creating a kids clothing store, which had customisable hoodies, aprons, t-shirts sun hats and satchels. There were over 18,000 possible product variations and hundreds of images to work with.

The customisation aspects would happen on a hand-crafted product configurator which enabled users to easily select product attributes, such as colour, type, sizes and designs.

At first we were uncertain how to accomplish the task, but we decided to persevere and it paid off.

Our approach:

  • We created a bespoke image script that used product variations to generate an image with the correct properties that the user selected. For example, a user selected a red jumper with a tractor: the image script would place the tractor onto a red jumper and display it to the user.
  • We created a bespoke product import script that generated all possible product variations (permutations calculated from all images), it would check if a variation existed or not, and if not, it would insert it in the WooCommerce catalogue with the correct price information.
  • Using designs given to us, we created the front end product configurator and set this up so that users could select predefined product variations that were generated from the bespoke product import script we developed.

After lots of testing and client approval, we were responsible for migrating the online shop to a live production server and entrusted with setting up the payment gateways.


A client approached us and made us aware that one of the largest kettle component manufacturers in the world needed a new corporate homepage to showcase their product range.

As the corporate homepage was to reach international markets, it had to be multilingual.

In addition to the homepage, we were tasked with creating a product configurator that enabled users to browse through control sets or find the correct control set for a kettle design they were manufacturing.

Furthermore, we were asked to create a bespoke comparison system so that users could compare all available control sets. This was used as a standalone comparison tool and additionally to provide results in the product configurator.

All results were provided with a “request a quote” form, that allowed users to select a territory to contact the correct sales associate for their market.

Our approach:

  • We used WooCommerce to insert all of the components as products as it already provided a lot in terms of a relevant framework to begin with.
  • Using designs handed over to us by our client, we developed a bespoke product configurator that helped the user discover control sets by answering step-by-step questions.
  • We used PolyLang to provide a multilingual solution for the website.
  • We developed a comparison table system so that all control sets could be compared side-by-side so that users could find the right one for their product.

Additionally we launched the website for our client and provided aftercare.


So what is so special about WordPress?

Why do we focus on Wordpress?

It’s a search-friendly platform

  • It’s easy to insert great content using the built in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.
  • Google appreciates how WordPress organises website content, forming a relationship that makes your website built to rank.
  • Page URL’s can be easily modified to make them search-friendly.
  • There are many FREE and PRO plugins available to create search-friendly sitemaps, metadata and breadcrumbs.

The possibilities are endless

  • WordPress features are always expanding thanks to an active open source community.
  • Thousands of available and easy to install 3rd party plugins.

It’s easy to use

  • There’s nothing to fear when using WordPress to manage blog articles, content and media. The WordPress CMS (Content Management System) simplifies content publishing.

It’s popular

  • Widely supported by website hosting companies.
  • It’s not hard to find a WordPress developer to update and maintain your website.

Security and privacy

  • WordPress security is taken very seriously by developers.
  • GDPR compliant privacy tools.

Is there anything else we can do for you?

So you’ve had an overview of our main services (and enjoyed it) but perhaps there’s something else we can do for you too, that you haven’t already thought about?

Create landing pages for marketing


Create landing pages for marketing that reflect your live website using Salesforce Pardot.

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Collect data about your website audience

Google analytics

Google Analytics provides vital website statistics, everybody can easily install it via a copy and paste script, however, to utilise its full power, it needs requires an expert to integrate it fully within a website.

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Provide an accessible website

Recite Me

Recite Me is an easy to use website toolbar for accessible users. It provides tools for visually impaired users such as font resizing, colour contrast adjustments and text to speech services. It also has a JavaScript API that can be utilised for more advanced accessibility adjustments.

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What data do we collect and how do we use it?

We collect the following information when you send us a message…

Personal information fieldReason for collecting it
CompanyThis is optional but we need to know it so we know who we’re working with!
Your first nameWe need this to be able to politely address you.
Your middle namesThese are optional and we will not use them, unless required.
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When you send us a message it gets stored in two places:

  • On our WordPress website as a backup
  • In our email inbox

When we collect your information, we make the following promises:

  • We will not share your personal information with a third-party.
  • We will only use your personal information to maintain contact and work on projects with yourself or your business.

How long do we collect your personal data for?

If you become one of our clients, we will need to collect your data for a period of 7 years. We do this because we need to maintain records for our financial transaction and for tax purposes.

If your enquiry does not lead to you becoming a client of ours, we keep your enquiry for a period of 1 year after it was first created. After which we will either delete it off our systems or anonymise it, by removing your personally identifiable data, notably your name and email address.

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